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We believe the most important element in a successful design is to listen to your customer, and their customers beyond them.  We focus our energy on delivering high quality content and design and deliverables on time and under budget with the end user in mind the entire time.  Because when your customers are happy, you are happy!

Sarah is a writer, pilot and mother of three.  She attended Boston University and happily fell into the mid-90’s tech bubble making a career out of web design, development and ultimately User Experience Design.  After 15 years in the tech industry, Sarah walked away to raise her babies, and then one day found herself at an unexpected crossroads. With the help of great friends, she discovered a deep love for aviation and re-discovered her great love of adventure.  Now a private pilot, working on her instrument rating, Sarah also sings in a jazz trio, travels whenever humanly possible, and enjoys anything involving snow.  Her most important goal is to teach her children to love deeply, live an adventurous life and always be kind!

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