Web Design

Your website is the first impression most of your customers get.  Don't leave that up to chance.  SGC can design a unique and custom site that showcases the best of what you can offer your customers.  Let us help convert your website visitors to returning customers.

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UX Consulting

Converting your idea into an app was hard enough, but taking a good app to a great app involves skillful user interface design.  SGC focuses our UX Consulting services on your actual customers experiences to maximize the potential for a flawless customer experience.

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Web Content

How many words will your user read before their attention is diverted?Filling the pages of your website content that your customer wants to read can be a daunting task.  SGC content is created bearing in mind your target audience and current trends, making sure content is both useful, relevant and on point every time.

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Who we are...

We are a full service design studio, specializing in WordPress and SquareSpace Website development, user interface design consulting services, and copywriting and voiceover creative services.

We are proud to bring to the design table 20 years of experience in the design and development of websites, web applications and software products for large fortune 500 companies to tiny barely off the ground start-ups and everything in between.

Our philosophy is that good design starts with your ears.  We listen not only to our customers, but to their customers, the ultimate end-users of the products we design.  This approach keeps us on track focused on both the functionality of the product and the needs of it' target audience.

In addition to awesome websites and application user interfaces, we offer web content creation, from blogs and social media, to the content of your website itself.   We even offer voiceover services for multimedia projects.  We are a one stop design shop for all your creative web service needs.  We look forward to sparking your imagination!


Next Steps...

When you're ready to get started, give us a call or send us an email and we'll contact you as soon as possible to talk about how SGC can help you.